Scientific research

RED NOSES Research Nuggets

RED NOSES Research Nuggets are short publications that give insights into the world of healthcare clowning and the vulnerable groups we engage with.

The Research Nuggets are intended for all those who want to learn more about the power of the arts and humour for mental health and wellbeing, and the impact that our professionally trained clowns have on people in need of joy.

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A Culture of Learning

Evaluation and learning processes are integrated into all aspects of our work. RED NOSES is dedicated to adopting innovative and joyful methods of evaluation that reflect our values. We are currently working on developing a learning toolkit specifically designed for Healthcare Clowning Organisations, with tools, templates, and guidelines that will be made publically available to help bring the whole sector forward.

Join the Movement

RED NOSES contributes to improving our understanding of healthcare clowning by working together with researchers around the world. We partner with universities, consultancies, and research institutes to conduct studies and evaluations.

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Silvia De Faveri, PhD
Head of Research and Learning Department
T: +43 660 4666894 is supporting us with the free use of their online survey software.