Artistic and educational quality

As the largest healthcare clowning organisation in the world, at RED NOSES, we place high standards on our clown artists and are committed to maintaining artistic and educational quality. 

Our dedicated teachers, including world-renowned artists, proudly provide this foundation. 

RED NOSES artists have numerous possibilities to extend their knowledge, challenge themselves, and develop within the RED NOSES team.

RED NOSES clowns are professional artists

RED NOSES clowns are trained and experienced artists. The work of RED NOSES clowns focuses on creating moments of joy and an atmosphere of hope. Our artists work with a wide range of different people facing challenging circumstances. 

It’s therefore vital that all RED NOSES artists have undergone specific RNI education before they join the RED NOSES programmes and engage with our various audiences. The high standards we hold our artists and teams should be evident in every encounter.

The journey of a RED NOSES Clown

Joining our team means embarking on a journey of continuous learning and development. Inspired by the vision of creating a world where everyone can thrive emotionally, socially, and creatively, we are dedicated to supporting our RED NOSES artists in making a real impact through their work.

RED NOSES team members and local Artistic Directors constantly have their eyes open to identify interesting new artists and promising talents in their local areas. With an aim to find new artists, the Pre-Clown programme is designed to prepare young artists for auditions and support promising talent.

To become a RED NOSES clown and be accepted as a RED NOSES artist, applicants need to go through an audition process. RED NOSES local teams raise awareness and interest to encourage a wide variety of interesting new artists to audition.

RED NOSES Curriculum
Once accepted, new artists are required to successfully complete the RED NOSES Curriculum. You can learn more about the RED NOSES Curriculum here.
All our partner organisations are committed to the RED NOSES Curriculum and all artists are required to complete the certification process.

To obtain the RED NOSES International Certificate, our artists are required to complete all Curriculum units. Since the Curriculum’s introduction in 2015, over 279 of the active 464 RED NOSES Clowns have successfully completed the Curriculum.

Career opportunities with RED NOSES

At RED NOSES we believe in fostering an environment where every team member is encouraged to grow both personally and professionally. We support your educational ambitions by providing opportunities for continuous learning and development, ensuring that you have the tools and resources needed to succeed. 

This is what you can expect when joining RED NOSES:

  • Constantly learn and develop in line with the RED NOSES Education path and ongoing trainings.
  • Become an expert in four different contexts of our core programmes from hospitals to crisis settings.
  • Join the Emergency Smile team to help promoting emotional well-being, greater social inclusion, and addressing the psychosocial needs of people in crisis settings.
  • Become a certified RED NOSES trainer and coach in the fields of humour in healthcare or slapstick and physical comedy through the RED NOSES Academy.
  • Join the office team and become part of the Artistic or Programme Department to engage in creative and strategic roles, shaping the future of RED NOSES.

Discover additional information about our education and training for RED NOSES artists here:

How we train

When our Partner Organisations have a need for new clown artists, they will launch a local call for applications.

When applying to become a RED NOSES artist, applicants must have experience in the performing arts, e.g., acting or musical performance.

Eligible candidates will then take part in a multi-day audition. Accepted artists will subsequently attend the extensive RED NOSES International Curriculum providing them with all the training needed, during which they will already start to take part in clown visits in pairs with their experienced colleagues and coaches.