Our artistic standards

It’s our goal to establish a solid framework for our artistic quality to reach our full potential and to constantly develop the quality of our international team of artists. 

We know that we can only grow stronger, if we share a common artistic identity, grow our capacities together and embrace our common RED NOSES identity while appreciating individual approaches with our artistic experts.

Why clowns?

The clown character is capable of many wonderful things and has the power to explore the beauty of all human emotions. 

Our artistic approach focuses heavily on the potential of our RED NOSES clown artists. 

  • The empowering presence of the clown: The clown radiates an enchanting atmosphere that uplifts any environment and leaves older people, children, people facing crisis, teachers, care staff, healthcare professionals, and others in awe.
  • The enchantment and humour of the clown: The clown embodies a delightful sense of humour and transmutes life's sorrows into laughter, despair into joy, and fear into excitement. 
  • The inclusive opportunity of the clown: The clown is non-judgemental and embraces diversity. Clowns unlock doors to profound human connections. They communicate with boundless innocence and impartiality, fostering unity across all walks of life. 
  • The profound wisdom of the clown: Clowns embrace societal norms and seek to bolster the system. They offer a fresh, captivating perspective through their childlike wonder, reminding those around them to recognise and reflect on their own humanity. 
  • The unique privilege of the clown: Clowns connect with the very essence of humanity. They inspire hope and spread joy, transcending adversity. 
  • The sacred responsibility of the clown: The clown stands as a compassionate witness to human suffering and treats every encounter with the utmost care and respect. 
  • The transformative resilience of the clown: Clowns can confront society's hardships and harness this vulnerability as their strength, illustrating their profound power.