RED NOSES artistic education

At RED NOSES International, it’s our goal to foster and maintain the highest artistic standards in everything we do. 

To achieve this, our teams carry out regular education and training for our RED NOSES artists. 

RED NOSES International Curriculum

At RED NOSES International, we strive to constantly improve and develop our artistic quality standards for the artists working with our RED NOSES Partner Organisations (POs). 

To achieve this, we created an International Curriculum to ensure that all our artists have undergone extensive training.

Since its introduction in 2015, the RED NOSES International Curriculum has evolved a great deal. 

The function of the RED NOSES International Curriculum is to provide our clown artists with essential knowledge for working with diverse groups of people and as high-quality professional artists. 

Thanks to our extensive Curriculum, we at RED NOSES ensure artistic quality from the very beginning by providing the best possible training and education to our clown artists. If you want to know more, explore the RED NOSES International Curriculum in full!

RNI Curriculum

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  1. Study Entry and Orientation Phase: RED NOSES artists gain a basic understanding of the ethics, drivers, and structures of the organisation as well as the theoretical knowledge of healthcare clowning.

  2. Artistic Studies: A series of workshops taught by internationally renowned artists and teachers take place to teach artistic skills and tools as well as specific insights into clowning in healthcare and crisis settings.

  3. Healthcare Studies & Clinical Exposure: Essential training on how to understand the delicate environments and rules of working in hospitals and care settings, as well as the conditions of patients and their reactions and expectations.

  4. Psychology: The goal of this unit is to enhance the understanding of patient reactions and expectations and to be able to adopt the most comprehensive approach possible

  5. Sociology: RED NOSES artists work in different departments in hospitals and other institutions and with people of all ages. This unit aims to enable specific sociological knowledge to meet the needs for profound clown work in the hospital environment. 
    Furthermore, this component of the curriculum provides an understanding of how to interact with people from diverse cultures and ethnicities. 

  6. Communication Unit: Participants are taught different communication skills to enhance their work and ensure a common understanding within the organisation. 

  7. Clown Trainee Programme: Covers practical work in hospitals and offers coaching sessions in between hospital visits.

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All RED NOSES artists are required to successfully complete the RED NOSES International Curriculum and certification process.

To obtain the RED NOSES International Certificate, participants are required to complete all Curriculum units.

The entire Curriculum is made up of 28 modules in 7 units and spans 560 hours.

The RED NOSES Academy was implemented to further strengthen our artistic quality as well as foster our internal expertise. The RED NOSES Academy is designed as further education for certified RED NOSES artists to become certified specialists and trainers in several specialisations such as “Slapstick Techniques and Physical Comedy”, “Humour in Healthcare” and Coaching. 

About the RED NOSES Academy:

  • The RED NOSES academy is made up of a three-semester course. The course starts every other autumn and focuses on two specialisations each time.

  • General units provide a theoretical base for all participants while deep dives delve further into the specialisations with expert teachers and renowned artists.

  • Common workshops take place focusing on Humour in Psychology and Sociology. 

  • An “Education for Future Teachers” unit focuses on pedagogical skills, how to set up a workshop/seminar, the knowledge of how to lead a group and how to work with difficulties in a workshop/with a group.

  • The “Slapstick Techniques and Physical Comedy” specialisation deepens the participant’s knowledge of body awareness and movement analysis, slapstick techniques, physical comedy, and various clowning styles.

  • The “Humour in Healthcare” specialisation trains artists to give seminars for healthcare providers, varying from doctors to nurses to caretakers for older adults as well as implement the knowledge of how to use humour as a communication tool. 

  • The “RED NOSES Coaching” specialisation trains our coaches to support the improvement of the artistic quality of our artists’ work in the best possible way.  

To support the education and ongoing professional development of all RED NOSES artists, our International School of Humour in Vienna offers around 25-30 workshops a year for up to 25 participants per workshop. 

These workshops are held in collaboration with renowned international teachers and artists and guarantee an international exchange between RED NOSES Partner Organisations.

There are a wide variety of workshops from the International Curriculum as well as ongoing training for certified RED NOSES artists on offer to ensure both artistic development and excellence.


In addition to the Curriculum, each RED NOSES artist must sign the RED NOSES Code of Ethics, the RED NOSES Children and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy and be willing to attend regular psychological supervision.

Our CVPS Policy focuses on:

  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Reporting
  • Responding

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