A female clown holding a brown ukulele in her hand and a male clown wearing a black hat have fun with two children in a colourful room.

Prioritizing safety

RED NOSES brings humour and laughter to people in need of joy to foster the overall well-being of our beneficiaries. 

We seek to create safe environments for children and vulnerable persons to enjoy the highest quality and professional art of clowning in all our programmes and countries we work in.

RED NOSES recognises the utmost importance of keeping children and vulnerable persons safe and ensuring that they are protected from maltreatment or anything that is detrimental to their health and development, within our organisation as well as with our partners. 

We do not tolerate any form of child abuse, exploitation, neglect or violation of a child’s and vulnerable person’s privacy and rights.


Our commitment to protection

Therefore, RED NOSES has introduced a streamlined Children and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding (CVPS) Policy to minimise the risk of violence and abuse; all employees, freelancers, partners and collaborators must obey this policy and fully commit to report any incident of potential abuse immediately.

Our CVPS Policy focuses on:

  • Awareness: strengthen the capacities of RED NOSES artists and staff members to prevent abuse and recognise signs of it
  • Prevention: teach tools and mechanisms to prevent abuse
  • Reporting: any reported safeguarding concern is carefully and responsibly assessed by a trained Safeguarding Team
  • Responding: mechanisms to take concrete actions and decisions to respond to the results of the assessment.

Do you have a child or vulnerable person safeguarding concern to report?

Magdalena Klamminger
Head of International Artistic Department - Designated Safeguarding Officer
T: +43 1 318 03 13-91

Further documents of our safeguarding policy

Statement of commitment for RED NOSES International

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Behavioural guidelines for artists collaborating with RED NOSES International

die möwe

Ombudsperson for RED NOSES International safeguarding