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ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors


Monica Culen (Managing Director) and Giora Seeliger (Artistic Director) founded RED NOSES Clowndoctors in Austria. It was amongst the first hospital clown programmes to come into operation in Europe. Within a few years it developed into one of the leading organisations in this field, setting benchmarks in artistic performance and professional structures. In the past 25 years, RED NOSES Austria was able to create many new programmes for a wide variety of target groups thereby continuously increasing the number of visits and patients reached.

  • Managing Director: Mag.a (FH) Ivana Bacanovic

  • Artistic Director: Martin Kotal

Email: office@rotenasen.at 

CRVENI NOSOVI Klaunovidoktori


RED NOSES Croatia was established in 2010. From regular hospital visits in children’s wards in Zagreb, the project has spread to other major cities in Croatia (Rijeka and Osijek) and is now firmly established, nationally recognized and well-respected by the general public. 

  • Managing Director: Deniza Drusany
  • Artistic Director: Nikola Dabac  

Email: info@crveninosovi.hr



RED NOSES Czech Republic was founded in 2001 joining the RED NOSES Group in 2002. Today, it is the largest organisation in the RED NOSES group being very well integrated into the Czech healthcare system. In addition to regular programmes for children and elderly, they realize special projects include a mobile hospice program, Circus Paciento, NOS! (To the Operation Theatre).  

  • Managing Director: Kateřina Slámová Kubešová
  • Artistic Director: Petr Jarčevský

Email: usmev@zdravotniklaun.cz



Starting in 2003 RED NOSES Germany quickly grew into one of the largest clown organisations in Germany, and initiated programmes for children, the elderly and rehab patients in Berlin, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and other German cities. In view of the growing number of refugees in Germany and Europe, it was necessary to develop and also establish special programmes for asylum-seekers. 

  • Managing Director: Mehran Goudarzi
  • Artistic Director: Reinhard Horstkotte

Email: office@rotenasen.de

PIROS ORR Bohócdoktorok


RED NOSES Hungary was the first professional hospital clown organisation in Eastern Europe,  founded in 1996 by RED NOSES in Austria. In 2003, they became a RED NOSES partner organisation and is today successfully working in many hospitals all over the country. 

  • Managing Director: Bence Mattyasovszky-Zsolnay
  • Artistic Director: Tünde Gelencsér

Email: bohocdoktorok@pirosorr.hu 



The journey of RED NOSES Jordan started as part of a crisis mission in 2014. During that “Emergency smile” mission, our clowns visited various refugee centres in the region to support children and their families to develop strategies to cope with their challenging situation. Parallel to the crisis mission, regular clown visits started taking place in the King Hussein Cancer Centre and the Doctors without Boarders Hospital in Amman. Since then, the programmes and the clown team in Jordan continued to grow until the organisation was officially registered in 2017 to become the 11th RED NOSES organisation.

  • Branch Office Manager: Riham Kharroub

Email: riham.kharroub@rednoses.org

RAUDONOS NOSYS Gydytojai klounai


In 2013, RED NOSES Lithuania became the newest addition to the RED NOSES group. The vibrant team, supported by a well-functioning management team, maintained and raised their professional standards and quickly grew their activities becoming a major player in the cultural and healthcare environment, recognized by many important institutions nationally.

  • Managing Director: Aistė Lacitė
  • Artistic Director: Justė Liaugaudė

Email: info@raudonosnosys.lt

RED NOSES Palestine


In 2012, RED NOSES Palestine was founded as a subsidiary organisation of RED NOSES International. By bringing humor and laughter into Palestinian hospitals, our team of clowndoctors boost the resistance and willpower of their patients. Giving individual treatment as they visit their patients from bed to bed, they bring lots of laughter and brighter moments to the serious, real-life problems the patients are encountering. A bridge between humour and health treatment is successfully created, increasing the quality of life and the well-being of those in medical care. ​​​​​​​

Email: smile@rednoses.ps 

CZERWONE NOSKI - Klown w Szpitalu


After six months of casting, intensive training and organisational development, RED NOSES Poland was born in 2012. Today it is active on a regular basis in numerous children’s wards in four major cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan), including the prestigious Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka (Children's Health Centre) in Warsaw. Special projects include regular visits to the Children’s Coma Centre (Klinika BUDZIK) in Warsaw.

  • Managing Director: Marcin Dudek
  • Artistic Director: Anna Williams

Email: info@czerwonenoski.pl 

ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors


There were no therapeutic clown programmes in Slovakian hospitals until in 2003 a team of four clowns decided to start this work there. Financial support was provided by RED NOSES International. To stay abreast with the rapid developments in Slovakia, RNI then founded the local non-profit organisation, RED NOSES Slovakia, in 2004. Today, it has grown to over 50 specially trained clowns and it is recognised as one of the top NGOs in the country. 

  • Managing Director: Milan Šagát
  • Artistic Director: Pavel Mihaľák

Email: info@cervenynos.sk



With the founding of RDEČI NOSKI in Ljubljana at the beginning of 2004, RED NOSES Clowndoctors International led the way in Slovenia for this genre of hospital clowning. They started making their first hospital rounds in March 2004 with weekly visits to the largest children’s hospital in Slovenia, Pediatricna klinika Ljubljana. Today, RDEČI NOSKI is a strong team of professional artists active nationwide and has overwhelming public support. 

  • Managing Director: Varja Golouh Prodan
  • Artistic Director: Pérola Regina Ribeiro

Email: nasmeh@rdecinoski.org 

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