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Too many people have lost their will to laugh.
We are on a mission to change that. Here is how:

Children in hospitals

The clown visits have an important impact on the psychosocial wellbeing and the recovery process of the children. Through visits at the bedside children are empowered to return to their natural playfulness and to give them the much needed impetus for self-confidence and courage. 

In the Intensive Smile format clowns have become more and more integrated into the treatments and therapies of young patients. Their presence inspires a calm atmosphere reducing anxiety or fear and diverting the focus away from the medical procedure. 

The focus on long-term pediatric patients lies predominantly on their illness, which has a negative impact on their self-confidence and can cause feelings of inadequacy and depression to arise. All children who participate in “Circus Patientus” are empowered, bringing back the lightness of childhood and the levity of joyful playing.

Clowns also regularly visit children in coma and rehabilitation wards. 

©Jakob Polacsek
Disabled boy with couple of clowns
©RED NOSES Austria

Children with disabilities

The Caravan Orchestra is a tailor-made musical theatre, dedicated to the needs of multiply disabled children and youth. It provides them with access to cultural activities within the social facilities in which they are schooled and cared for. Many of these children are often overwhelmed with all the input they receive in everyday life.

For this reason the clowns have to be exceptionally sensitive and compassionate with these audiences. During the performance the children have the opportunity to comprehend and express their feelings in their own time and in their own way.

Elderly people

Regular clown visits by RED NOSES contributes to an increase in the quality of life of the elderly and people in need of care. This invariably increases their wish to actively participate in life. Clowns meet the senior citizens individually at their bedside, with respect and empathy, integrating their personal history and activating all their senses. That means singing songs together, recalling familiar smells, sharing recipes, connecting with memories from their “golden years” or dancing a gentle waltz. In engaging elderly people in a variety of activities, clowns reveal long-forgotten abilities and create a sense of belonging.

Besides regular visits at the bedside of elderly people, RED NOSES also developed the “Varieté” show. This format actively tackles the challenges that elderly people face every day, such as reduced mobility and social isolation. The Varieté workshops last three to five days, and are adapted to the individual capacities of the participants. 

©RED NOSES Czech Republic

Emergency smile

Especially in crisis situations, RED NOSES can respond to the immense need for psychosocial support with its innovative programme, Emergency Smile. In multi-week missions, clowns support children and their families to develop strategies to cope with their challenging situation. These are people who have lost almost everything, who have witnessed and survived conflicts or natural disasters, who were forced to flee, and who live in dire and stressful situations. 

With our artistic and interactive clown interventions, the children are given the possibility to express their feelings in a playful manner. The clowns can trigger a shift of focus, concentrating on the positive, the strength and the abilities of the children. The reconnection to positive feelings helps to regain resilience and hope.

If you wish to know more about our programme please visit our Emergency Smile website.

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RED NOSES Strategy Overview

We stand now together as a group with another 5 years in front of us where we would like to move forward collectively and expand our mission to reach more people in need. We are ready to create an optimistic future where RED NOSES is actively taking a leading role in growing the Healthcare Clowning Movement, where our work in the healthcare sector becomes truly indispensable and where RED NOSES is bringing itself into a position to boost the change that we want to see in the world!

If you want to know more about our five-year strategic objectives download our strategy overview