RED NOSES evaluation reports provide an insight into some of our artistic programmes and activities. They help contextualise our interventions with reference to our mission Framework of Change.

RED NOSES is an organisation dedicated to evidence-based management, transparency, and accountability. By using scientific and creative methods of data collection, we monitor and evaluate how our activities improve emotional wellbeing, promote greater social inclusion, and create more supportive environments for our target groups. 

This allows us to objectively learn from our practice, to provide recommendations on how to strengthen our interventions to achieve an even greater impact on the ground, and to consistently improve our work.

Evaluation Reports

Understanding Change

In 2021 - 2022, the Emergency Smile programme integrated a developmental evaluation approach into its activities. As part of this approach, team members worked together to develop a deeper and shared understanding of the impact of the clowning activities. 

This report presents stories collected during the evaluation about how the Emergency Smile programme has contributed to positive changes across different domains such as access to arts and self-expression; wellbeing; play and learning new skills; confidence and new perspectives; and connection and inclusion. 

The outcomes presented in this report can help the Emergency Smile team to deliver more effective, inclusive, and joyful missions. They are tools for clown artists, children, and aid workers to reflect on what happened during an activity. 

Finally, the outcomes should inform communication about the kinds of change expected from the Emergency Smile programme.


Clowning, music, & movement in healthcare

“Clowning, Music, and Movement: An Artistic Research Lab” was set up to explore the creative intersections between these different disciplines, with a focus on wellbeing. Using the methodology of action research, each participating artist designed a research question to explore in their own practice. The questions could be about anything, as long as they drew on two or more of the disciplines and were related to wellbeing. 

Findings were shared in a final workshop, in which each participant shared their experiences and learnings as a “gift” to the rest of the group.


ClowNexus Baseline Evaluation 2021

“Clowning Connects Us – ClowNexus” was a three-year project with the aim to develop specific artistic clowning tools for children with autism spectrum disorder and older adults living with dementia.

The report describes the project and its aims, the context, and baseline indicators and it was oriented around a set of learning questions, which were developed in consultation with the partner consortium.

Programme Evaluation 2021

This evaluation report covers the impact of the Caravan Orchestra, a specific artistic clowning format developed for children with disabilities, in schools.

The report collates findings regarding the impact on the primary target group, their learning environments, and the clowns themselves.

Read the full report here

Evaluation Report 2021

This report gathers lessons learnt on how to strengthen the partnership between RED NOSES and healthcare institutions and care providers.

Based on an initial data collection, a Partnership Compass was developed as a practical tool to guide collaboration between clowning organisations and healthcare providers.

Read the full report here

2020 Report

This report comprises information about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on European Healthcare Clowning Organisations, their artistic programmes, communications, fundraising, and human resources.

The survey targeted European Healthcare Clowning Organisations since most European countries were in comparable situations during the months of March–June 2020. All the organisations surveyed work with professionally-trained and fairly remunerated clown artists. In total, the report represents the responses of 40 Healthcare Clowning Organisations operating in 21 countries.

Read the full report here

Evaluation report

This report summarises the evaluation findings of six Emergency Smile missions carried out in different migrant living facilities across Greece between 2018 and 2019.

It describes the impact of the missions on children, adults, aid workers working in these facilities as well as on the RED NOSES team. The report collates practical lessons learnt that can inform future missions or supportive interventions in the field.

Read the full report here

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Clowns & science

Our work at RED NOSES is strongly supported by scientific evidence regarding the power of humour. 

Through their artistic interventions, our clown artists have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the people they work with, alleviating difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear, and stress. 

If you’d like to find out more about the science behind the art of clowning, visit our Research Database:

Research Database