The elderly

old man laughing with female clown holding guitar
©Kleine Zeitung/Kanizaj

Regular clown visits by RED NOSES contributes to an increase in the quality of life of the elderly and people in need of care. This invariably increases their wish to actively participate in life. Clowns meet the senior citizens individually at their bedside, with respect and empathy, integrating their personal history and activating all their senses. That means singing songs together, recalling familiar smells, sharing recipes, connecting with memories from their “golden years” or dancing a gentle waltz. In engaging elderly people in a variety of activities, clowns reveal long-forgotten abilities and create a sense of belonging.

Besides regular visits at the bedside of elderly people, RED NOSES also developed the “Varieté” show. This format actively tackles the challenges that elderly people face every day, such as reduced mobility and social isolation. The Varieté workshops last three to five days, and are adapted to the individual capacities of the participants.