old man laughing with female clown holding guitar
©Kleine Zeitung/Kanizaj


Older people often face difficult circumstances, from living with illness to experiencing loneliness and isolation. The RED NOSES Older Citizens Program focuses on improving the quality of life of older adults living in nursing homes and dementia units.

RED NOSES clown artists work to promote the emotional health and wellbeing of this group and their support systems. Through the power of art, clowning and humour, RED NOSES artists work with older adults to create human bonds, access positive emotions and activate creativity. 

Old man laughing with female clown
©RED NOSES Czech Republic


The Older Citizens programme is compromised by several different artistic formats. Bedside visits, for example, encourage personal engagement as the clowns make a point of engaging with the personal history of each individual. This includes singing songs, recalling familiar smells, dancing, and connecting with the memories of their lives.

This programme also offers the Varieté show, which is designed to tackle the challenges that older adults face, such as reduced mobility and social isolation. The Varieté workshops last three to five days and are adapted to the individual capacities and interests of the participants. By engaging older people in playful interactions, RED NOSES clown arists encourage a sense of belonging and community.

To create a lasting impact, RED NOSES clown artists also work with representatives of the older adults’ support networks, such as caregivers and relatives, to create a positive and uplifting environment that lasts beyond the intervention.