RED NOSES developed the Disability Inclusion programme to promote the emotional health, development, and wellbeing of children living with multiple disabilities. 

Both children with disabilities and their support systems face daily barriers that limit their participation in society. Creating an enabling and encouraging environment is vital for them to achieve their full potential. 

RED NOSES professionally trained artists employ a range of techniques through the art of clowning to connect with children with disabilities in a unique way. The clown artists take time to learn about each child before working with them so that they can provide personalised support. 

Through sensorial and fantasy play, the clown artists create new worlds and experiences which, in turn, create space for joyful and humorous interactions. 

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RED NOSES clown artists develop tailored artistic interventions to meet the requirements and preferences of the children they work with. The activities that take place aim to create a calm atmosphere in which children can relax and express their feelings. 

The main artistic format of the Disability Inclusion programme is the Caravan Orchestra, which tells the story of three musicians, played by the clowns, who are searching for musicians to join their band. They recruit the children as their new band members and together form a Caravan Orchestra. 

The team of clown artists also work together with representatives of the children’s support networks, such as caregivers and teachers, to create an impact that lasts beyond the programme.