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RED NOSES developed the Emergency Smile programme which is implemented in multiple crisis settings around the world. People facing situations such as forced displacement and natural disasters often receive immediate aid to survive but their mental health and wellbeing are frequently overlooked. 

The RED NOSES Emergency Smile programme aims to improve the emotional health, wellbeing, and resilience of people living in crisis settings. 

The Crisis Response programme focuses heavily on inclusion and adopts a human-centred approach to crisis response. 

Through Emergency Smile missions, a group of specially trained clown artists, together with a Head of Mission, work intensively in a crisis zone for a specific period, according to the needs and circumstances of those on the ground. During this time, the team develops a process of co-creation with the community through a set of artistic activities.

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The Emergency Smile programme is made up of some key artistic formats. Musical Parades and Clown Shows are performed for the whole community to create a positive atmosphere and spread humour and joy. 

Circus Smile workshops teach children new skills to boost confidence and teamwork. And finally, Humour Relief Workshops are tailored specifically for humanitarian aid workers, offering immersive activities to them that embrace playful humour, foster empathy, and team connection as well as a allow them to gain a new set of skills to infuse humour and play into the humanitarian work. 

These skills not only provide respite from the challenges humanitarian aid workers face but also enhance their ability to connect with the communities they serve. If you’d like to learn more about Emergency Smile or donate, visit our Emergency Smile website.