Clowns on Wheels!

05.July 2023

Since late 2021, our partners in Lithuania, RAUDONOS NOSYS Gydytojai klounai have been visiting senior citizens living in social isolation and on the margins of poverty. Often, these senior citizens have some kind of disability. After driving for an hour along a narrow road through the forest and finally arriving at a humble home, it‘s often the case that our clowns are the only people these seniors have seen in weeks. That‘s why this work is so important and powerful. 

Clowns visit the seniors regularly in Pivašiūnai, Prienai, Aukštadvaris, Kaišiadorys regions. Initially, the senior citizens felt awkward and even ashamed of their homes, but now look forward to seeing our artists every month and think of them as friends. 

People from the Order of Malta organisation also visit the seniors, bringing food and helping them to clean. Our clowns, with their presence and performances, have managed to reduce the burden of loneliness and socialize and transform the focus of these senior citizens by concentrating on positive feelings and the power of laughter.


Most of these elderly people don‘t have the opportunity to leave their homes. So, our clowns came up with an idea! Why not bring a little bit of excitement to them? How did we do it? With a vintage salon in a clown car! Now, elderly people are invited to drink their tea, listen to their favourite songs, and share memories. And, of course, the symbol on the outside of the clown car had to be a RED NOSE!


  • Clowns encourage senior citizens to connect with their inner child, to reminisce on the good times, and experience joy again.
  • Communication with the clowns leaves a positive atmosphere behind and reduces loneliness.
  • The elderly sleep better and start doing things they didn't do for a long time, like singing, dancing, and moving around their homes.

During its first year, our clowns conducted 28 visits in different regions and homes of senior citizens. Regular clown visits from RAUDONOS NOSYS Gydytojai klounai contributed to an increase in the quality of life of 24 seniors. This year, the number of visits is expected to rise and joy, and laughter will be delivered to even more seniors living in isolated areas.