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Children are standing in a circle in a big room and are learning tricks from the clowns (spinning plates).
24.October 2019

Memorable Emergency Smile mission with IDPs

For over three weeks, an international clown team provided psychosocial support to more than 800 beneficiaries in Ukraine.

Two RED NOSES clowns are spreading a blue silk curtain in a big room, being watched by the children there.
30.September 2019

The magical power of the Caravan Orchestra

From RED NOSES Croatia

26.August 2019

Talking again

From RED NOSES Poland

26.August 2019

Partnering with IOM for our last Emergency Smile mission to Greece

Around 980 beneficiaries were reached last month during our three weeks mission to Greece. Our international team from Croatia, Czech Republic,…

31.July 2019

A gentle approach

From RED NOSES Austria

09.July 2019

RED NOSES’s group and the professionalisation of healthcare clowns

150 RED NOSES healthcare clowns from 10 countries met in Slovakia last month for the annual RED NOSES International camp, a thought-provoking training…