World Laughter Day – In Laughter There Is Hope

05.May 2023

The 7th of May is World Laughter Day! At RED NOSES, we’ve long been in the business of laughter, and we truly believe in its power and potential to heal.

World Laugher Day was founded back in 1998 with the intention of celebrating the many wonderful benefits of laughter. Benefits such as stress relief, improved well-being, and the power to bring hope in even the darkest times.

There’s even science to back it up! Medical professionals recognise laughter as medicine. Laughter has been shown to relieve physical tension, improve mood, strengthen resilience, and add joy and zest to life. If you’d like to discover some more research about the power of laughter, check out our research database.

Laughter is a key driver in what we do at RED NOSES. We’ve always believed in the power of humour and laughter and its positive impact on the well-being of people in times of hardship and crisis. That’s why we created Emergency Smile (ES). ES missions focus on providing psychosocial support through laughter to vulnerable people in crisis.

Too often, the mental health and well-being of people living in crisis settings are not prioritised. Everyone deserves to experience hope for a bright future. That’s why our ES smile teams work to share the healing power of laughter out in the field. Not only to share moments of joy but also to boost self-esteem, improve relationships, and leave a more positive atmosphere behind.

If you’d like to support our Emergency Smile missions, follow this link to make a donation.

Let’s come together this World Laughter Day to celebrate all the wonderful things laughter brings to our lives. As actor and comedian John Cleese once said, “Laughter is a force for democracy.”

While laughter alone cannot solve anything, it can help to heal almost everything.