World Health Day 2024: Championing the right to health for all

07.April 2024

Around the globe, the fundamental right to health for millions is increasingly at risk. To confront this challenge, World Health Day 2024 focuses on the theme 'My health, my right'. This theme highlights the importance of universal access to quality health services, education, clean water, clean air, nutrition, housing, and favourable working and environmental conditions for all, without discrimination.

In this context, RED NOSES plays a crucial role. While our organisation has evolved over the years, our core mission remains unchanged: to spread joy through humour and laughter, particularly among those facing adversity. 

RED NOSES firmly believes in the power of humour and its positive impact on mental health.

© CZERWONE NOSKI / Tomasz Wilczkiewicz

Mental health matters

Mental health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, and since our organisation was founded back in 1994, we at RED NOSES have recognised its significance. It’s our goals to provide psychosocial support through the art of clowning. From hospitalised children to older citizens battling dementia, laughter bridges gaps and instils hope even in the darkest moments.

Humour is a universal language that knows no bounds of age or culture. Our efforts to infuse moments of humour and joy into healthcare settings have yielded heart-warming results, fostering hope and resilience in even the most trying circumstances.

RED NOSES Healthcare Programme

For children, hospitals can be daunting and distressing environments. To alleviate their stress, the RED NOSES Healthcare Programme offers personalised emotional support through the art of clowning. Trained clown artists forge connections with patients and their families, fostering positive emotions and creativity.

Furthermore, our Healthcare Programme extends to providing support to healthcare personnel through Professional Humour Seminars, equipping them with tools to incorporate humour into their professional practices. By bolstering the emotional well-being of both patients and healthcare workers, RED NOSES strives to create environments conducive to healing and recovery.

On World Health Day 2024, let us reaffirm our commitment to health as a fundamental human right. Through initiatives like the RED NOSES Healthcare Programme, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to live a healthy, dignified life.

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