Webinar: Children’s rights to play & participate in artistic activities in healthcare settings

08.March 2024

On March 5th, 2024, RED NOSES International, in partnership with the Task Force on Children and Adolescents of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals, delved into the promotion of children’s rights to participate in artistic activities within healthcare settings and explored the significant role of arts in enhancing wellbeing. 

With a focus on the art of healthcare clowning, the experts hosting the webinar discussed how arts and creative activities have evolved to positively impact the mental health of hospitalised children. Here is the recorded video of the webinar:

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A special thank you to all our fantastic speakers, the moderator and to everyone who attended, asked questions, and shared reflections!

The Agenda


  • Dr. Nils Fietje is a Technical Officer within the Behavioural and Cultural Insights (BCI) Unit at the WHO Regional Office for Europe, where he is leading work on arts and health, having coordinated the first-ever WHO report on the evidence base for arts and health interventions. He is co-founder and co-director of the Jameel Arts and Health Lab, with a focus on policy development and research implementation.
  • Dr. Lisa Gugglberger works at the Competence Centre Health Promotion and Healthcare, which is part of the Austrian National Public Health Institute. Her current work focuses on child and adolescent health as well as health promoting and health literate settings.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Groene is CEO of the International HPH Network and is responsible for overall strategy implementation within the network. He is a health services researcher and manager with 20 years of experience. Previous positions include Associate Professor in health services research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Manager of the Quality of Health Systems Programme at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. Within the HPH context, his area of expertise is the development of standards and methodological approaches to assess the climate impact of the healthcare delivery system.
  • Veronika Schwald is working at RED NOSES International as Deputy CEO and Head of Organisational Development. In her roles, she is focusing on the intentional, strategic development of RED NOSES, putting purpose, impact and people in the centre. She has already been working with RED NOSES in different positions for over 10 years.
  • Dr. Elke Miedema is a researcher-teacher, a role that emphasizes strengthening the relationship between education and applied research. At Inholland University of Applied Sciences, she is involved in a multidisciplinary research focused on resilient and livable cities. Her expertise lies in the design of health and care buildings and the creation of health-promoting living environments. Additionally, she leads the International Taskforce on the Health-Promoting Built Environment.
  • Dr. Silvia De Faveri is Head of the Research and Learning Department of RED NOSES International. She has worked with several international and non-governmental organisations on projects related to children’s protection and wellbeing. Her current focus is exploring the impact of healthcare clowning on the mental health and wellbeing of different groups of people.
  • Dr. Ilaria Simonelli is a health sociologist and the current Regional Coordinator of the Trentino HPH network. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Italian and International HPH networks and the Italian Health Sociology Association, with focus on health promotion, and project management of vulnerable groups, with a specific focus on children and the elderly. Additionally, she is the Leader of the HPH Task Force on Children and Adolescents.