The right to laugh - RED NOSES visit senior citizens in Palestine

30.May 2018

What started as a pilot project in 2016, has now become a regular programme of RED NOSES Palestine: visiting elderly citizens in senior centers, bringing them joy, hope and a renewed zest for life!

Since the beginning of the year, RED NOSES Palestine visits senior citizens in Jerusalem, Betlehem and Jericho on a regular basis. And what a change in the atmosphere the facilities have noticed since the first day the RED NOSES clowns visited! The walls resound with laughter, the residents indulge in fond memories when they sing songs from their childhood with the clowns.  

Whereas the elderly in care often suffer from loneliness, limitations in their mobility and ability to communicate, the clowns build vital bridges to the outside world with their lively and loving interactions. 

The professional artist and RED NOSES clown Dr. Nuqta described an encounter with a senior citizen in the geriatric department at Augusta Victoria hospital beautifully: 

“Every time we meet him, he wants to sing and never stop, he goes back with us to the golden ages, he loves our voice and he sings for us, through us he remembers the beautiful past. Despite his tiredness, Abu Khalil wants joy and love, he fights his sickness through singing to love and hope.”

RED NOSES clowns are uniquely capable of using the power of humour to connect to geriatric patients. The clowns activate pleasant memories within the elderly and integrate them into common games. The mobilization of older patients with dementia, depression and chronic illness is successfully supported by this clown care program. The clowns tend to adress every wish of the patients and residents with great empathy. With the arrival of the clowns there’s one more reason to actively participate in life again.

The need for emotionally beneficial clowndoctor vists to senior citizens in Palestine is clear! Laughter is a right for everyone! With the support of the Austrian Development Agency  RED NOSES Palestine will further extend its visits to the elderly and reach out to more facilities in the up-coming two years. 

The Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of Austrian Development Co-operation, supports this programme of RED NOSES Palestine.