Statement RED NOSES group on Ukraine

02.March 2022

Statement RED NOSES group

The events that unfold in Ukraine deeply concern us and we are shocked by the violent acts of war , which affect the lives of Ukrainian families, children, elderly, all civilians.

Thousands of people are already on the move to seek safety and protection in the neighbouring countries. It is almost exclusively women, children and elderly who are fleeing from Ukraine.

The UN's refugee agency (UNHCR) expects it to be four to seven millions of Ukrainian refugees very soon.

RED NOSES is ready to help

RED NOSES is preparing to work together with other humanitarian aid organisations, helping them to provide psychological and psychosocial support for the growing influx of Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

Being the largest healthcare clown organisation in the world, we have extensive experience working with traumatised people and refugees. The RED NOSES teams in our countries are ready to support the victims of this crisis and to offer sensitive clown interventions to children and their families in these dire times.

With our Emergency Smile programme, we can quickly act locally and internationally in critical situations such as this one.

Psychosocial support

Especially in acute hardship, RED NOSES can respond to the immense need for psychosocial support. Emotional and mental wellbeing are important pillars for health and resilience, but psychological assistance is often too little for the high number of people needing this care.

RED NOSES clowns support children and their families to develop strategies to cope with their new challenging situation. Joy, laughter and play help raise their emotional wellbeing, create normalcy, especially for children, and bring relief and hope to displaced people.

Humour plays a vital role in reducing stress and anxiety, especially in very stressful and tense situations. It has the potential to overcome negative feelings, nurturing hope and new perspectives for life. Humour relaxes and laughter give back strength and relief. After a clown intervention, children and their families are stepping out of grief and sadness, feeling more connected and empowered again.

"Our RED NOSES teams are getting ready to support all people affected by these tragic events unfolding in Europe. Once the first responders have set up the necessary structures, we will be there in the shelters, refugee homes and wherever we are needed. RED NOSES can create vital moments of joy, resilience, play and normalcy for the children and families. There can never be enough psychosocial support in times of acute hardship! " - Natalie Porias, Managing Director of RED NOSES International.

"All our RED NOSES clown teams are preparing to provide psycho-social support to the many women and children, who are fleeing the war in Ukraine.  Anxiety, grief and depression are settling in many of them as the days go by in the refugee shelters. Our support through sensitive artistic interventions becomes vital to nourish their mental health and resilience. We know, in laughter there is hope!" - Monica Culen & Giora Seeliger, Founder of Red Noses group.