Embracing the power of knowledge - International Day of Education

24.January 2024

On January 24th, we are celebrating the International Day of Education. This day is honored every year to show the important role of education for peace and development.  Education - being a human right - is also valued highly at RED NOSES, where we have been putting a focus since our founding 30 years ago.

Considering the different settings of our work, our artists face challenges on a daily basis. By providing them with a profound education, tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare clowns, RED NOSES ensures their artists their continuous growth as well as maintain our high artistic quality standards.

RED NOSES acknowledges the importance of consistently working on, maintaining, and enhancing artistic quality. As a result, a mandatory education program has been implemented for our artists. Over the course of five years, they are required to complete 560 hours of education, which encompasses theoretical knowledge in psychology, sociology, and communication. Additionally, national and international workshops and trainings are offered to facilitate the acquisition of new skills, exchange with fellow healthcare clowns and enhance artistic quality. Accompanied visits by experienced artists in all our formats further enrich the educational experience. 

Join us in celebrating this year’s International Day of Education. Together, let us embrace the power of knowledge, empower minds, and inspire change for a brighter future!