“In the big area, with the first group of kids, a clown game was established and with this format we went through the whole camp. We started off very gently. With music, energy and pace. And we kept it up the whole time. Beautiful gags and clown situations arose that we were able to develop while still sticking to the concept. We didn't even expect this to turn out so beautifully clownish. We were able to keep the kids attentive, connected to the game, without letting their energy get out of hand.“

“Our ability to help in these times is more than obvious. The feedback from the Ukrainians themselves was so grateful that it makes you want to live with them on that border all the time ;) There was also a great sense of joy and, at least for a while, the possibility of relaxation from the volunteers who have also had a few sleepless nights, as well as from the locals from Ubľa. And to be empowered not only with warm soup, but also with laughter”.

Pavel Mihalak, Artistic Director of RED NOSES Slovakia after his visit to a refugee camp in the bordering city of Ubla.