The ES international team from Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia, in cooperation with the organisations Concordia and Moldova for Peace, provided psychosocial support to refugee children and their families for over three weeks.

At the Concordia’s Day Centre in Tudora the team hosted a lot of activities together with the children and their care givers. The kids learnt how to spin the plates, acrobatics, magic tricks, juggling and many other circus skills. It was so good to see that the personnel actively joined all the activities with the children.

One of the care takers from Concordia shared this with our team: “It was an unforgettable experience for all of us! After this week we feel so inspired! I could not be happier to see our children learning new skills and enjoying the process so much!”. It was a week full of joy, laughter, and new experiences.

During our mission to Moldova, we had also the opportunity to work in a food distribution warehouse, which is visited daily by around 600 Ukrainian refugees and in the accommodation centre MoldExpo, which hosts refugee families since the beginning of the Ukrainian war in February.

Christopher Bailey, the Arts and Health Lead at the World Health Organization (WHO) joined the team for this part of the mission, and it was an absolute privilege. He was constantly acknowledging the impact of our work and the joy that we bring to people in challenging situations.