We bring laughter and joy to the children at the "Assistance Center for Helping Ukraine"

With the support of the City Hall of Prague, our Medical Clowns went to the "Assistance Center for Helping Ukraine" in Prague for the first time to bring laughter and joy to children and families fleeing the war conflict in Ukraine.

We were very welcome, so our Health Clowns now will visit the new Assistance Center, which is moving to the Prague Congress Center, every day from today! We are happy to be able to fulfill our mission and spread joy and laughter where it is most needed!

We are exploring also the possibility of our clown to visit the Assistance Center in Brno and we are also working on other specific projects to help Ukrainian citizens.

We are still anxiously watching the situation in Ukraine and around us, and we are trying to fight it the best way we can - with laughter. Our Medical Clowns are trained also for non-standard situations, they also have experience in missions abroad, which they have completed in the past (including in Ukraine).

In laughter, there is hope!

* Foto: Lukáš Bíba