Red Noses


Supporting IDP children in Ukraine

Assisting the Ukrainian Red Cross, we provide psychosocial support to internally displaced children who fled from the eastern part of Ukraine.

20.December 2018
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Documentary "From Nowhere"

"From Nowhere" is a documentary that shows the power of collaboration and laughter, while working with refugees and local children.


20.June 2018
  • Documentary

Für ein Lächeln / For a Smile

This 18 min documentary shows the consequences of war to children. In Kiev, RED NOSES worked with traumatised IDP children to ease their life.


15.July 2017
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The work of clowndoctors and ethics

Monica Culen gave an insight into the powerful world of the clowndoctors and profoundly reflected on "Practicing Ethics". (Interview in German)

24.November 2015
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Menschen, Plätze, G'schichten - Monica Culen

Monica Culen, founder of RED NOSES, shows her favorite place from childhood, talking about the impact of healthcare clowns. (Interview in German)

13.October 2015
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RED NOSES International Imagefilm

The cheerful sound of children’s laughter is a sign of hope allover the world. But when laughter begins to wane, it shows that life is often at risk.

01.January 2015
  • RED NOSES production

RED NOSES: 20 year celebration in Vienna

Humor ambassador Rolando Villazon aka Dr. Rollo sings "Granada" at the beneficiary gala organised by RED NOSES at the Volksoper, Vienna.

30.November 2014
  • RED NOSES production

TEDx-talk about "Humor in Healthcare"

Gary Edwards, from RED NOSES International, demonstrates the impact of healthcare clowns on sick children. TEDxBrno: "Humor in Healthcare".

21.July 2014
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Our Crisis Intervention Programme: EMERGENCY SMILE

Specially trained clowns work closely with relief organisations in crisis and disaster areas, using the power of humour to give hope and new strength.

23.October 2013
  • RED NOSES production

First clowndoctor visits hospital in Vienna with us

Michael Christensen, the man who laid the foundation stone for the healthcare clowning worldwide, accompanied RED NOSES clowns in a Viennese hospital.

23.April 2013
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Visiting children with disabilities

Our" Caravan Orchestra" format is a tailor-made musical theatre, dedicated to the needs of multiply disabled children and youth.

05.March 2013
  • RED NOSES production

Visiting children in hospital

For kids, hospital stays are connected with fear, insecurity and boredom. No matter how good the medical care is, emotional needs are often neglected.

20.September 2012
  • RED NOSES production

Visiting children in Rehabilitation

Those who have suffered from a serious accident must work hard to find their way back to a normal life, and often have very desperate moments.

19.September 2012
  • RED NOSES production

Visiting the elderly

Regular clown visits by RED NOSES contributes to an increase in the quality of life of the elderly and people in need of care.

19.September 2012
  • RED NOSES production