Girl on hospital bed smiling to female clown

The princess is back

26.March 2019

The princess is back

My partner and I got into a room where a little girl was being prepared for a complicated spinal surgery. Her parents were at the back of the room, very nervous trying to not disturb, while the doctors were occupied doing their job. 

At first, the atmosphere was tense and we felt that we should not be there, but as soon as we turned to leave the room, one of the doctors insisted that we stay. 
As we perceived the anxiety rising, we decided to help alleviate the pressure as much as we could. We realized that it was the first time we were in a room like this. The walls were white, the bed and pillows were white, the doctors, nurses and the patient were dressed in white… everything seemed white. At that moment, something occurred to us. In seconds, we flew the entire room to “the Kingdom of Clouds”. The parents of the little girl became king and queen and of course, our lovely patient became a beautiful princess. We organized a feast with dances and songs, which continued until the door of the castle (operating theatre), where only the royal family was allowed to enter. The feast was a huge success, with all the doctors joining our celebration. She was ready for whatever was coming next.

A few weeks later, in the same ward, one of doctors asked us if we remembered the little princess, to which we answered “of course!, how could we forget her”. He said that she had just returned from intensive care and that she could not wait to see us. We immediately stopped everything we were doing and went to see her. We gently knocked on her door and started opening it. She was there, lying on the bed waiting as if she already knew we were coming. As soon as she realized we were there, she turned around with a huge smile and told us very proudly and loudly, “the princess is back!”.

Rožė (Justė Liaugaudė)

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