The boy who wanted to stay in the hospital

31.May 2019

The boy who wanted to stay in the hospital

I have met many patients who suffered from many different illnesses, but this little patient was a special case. A case that surprised even me – a clown.

Let’s start from the beginning.

As I walked down the hospital hallway, I mumbled a song and my feet tap-danced along. I was ready to bring some joy to the children! There was no evidence that that day I was going to experience one of the most unusual moments since I started working as a clown.

Nurses were smiling; doctors were greeting us from their office, so I replied, “hello, how are you doing and how are…” I could not finish my sentence that a doctor interrupted me. “Today we have a special patient for you. His name is Michael and he is waiting in room number four. Before you go to see him though, you should know that Michael is not ill. In fact, we released him yesterday from the hospital because he is completely healthy. 

As a clown, I do not get surprised very often but in that moment, I was intrigued waiting for an explanation.

“You know, Michael was here in the hospital for a whole week. His roommate told him stories about some clowns who visit children and make them laugh. After that, knowing exactly the day that the clowns were coming, Michael could not wait to meet them in person. Yesterday, we told him that he was allowed to go home and he immediately started to cry, explaining that he was not feeling well and that he needed to stay in the hospital one more day.

At first, his parents did not understand Michael’s reaction; he was feeling great some minutes before. After talking to him, they found out the real reason why Michael wanted to stay in the hospital – he knew that the clowns were coming the next day and he did not want to miss it”.

After his parents and doctors allowed him to come back to meet the clowns, Michael went home willingly. The next day, as expected, Michael came back to the hospital. He put on his pajamas and lied down in a bed to wait like any other sick kid. Finally, the clowns appeared. Also as expected, Michael had a blast, everyone in that room, including the medical staff and the clowns, were wholeheartedly laughing.

That time, as I walked out the hospital hallway and mumbled a song, not only my feet were tap-dancing, but my heart too.

When children want to stay in the hospital because of us, the healthcare clowns, I think it is safe to say that we are doing something right.

Doctor Quido Cherry-cake

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