Talking again

26.August 2019

Talking again

Our clowns, Dr Smacznego and Walentyna, entered one of the hospital rooms, where two female patients lied in their beds. One of them was sleeping, but the other one, Mrs. Anna, a former nurse, opened her eyes immediately and looked at the clowns. She looked thoroughly at their clothes and smiling she said, "you are the most originally dressed of the entire hospital”, which gave way to a conversation about fashion. Soon the subject changed to music, so the clowns started singing ‘Szła dzieweczka do laseczka’, a well-known Polish traditional song.

Straightaway Mrs. Anna started clapping to the rhythm and singing 'Oh ho ho'. When the song ended she asked with her delicate voice, “please continue!”. Dr Smacznego and Walentyna restarted singing, and of course, Mrs. Anna kept applauding to the rhythm very much amused by the show.

While they were all singing and clapping, a doctor entered the room and went straight to check the second patient. After a couple of minutes, he started observing Mrs. Anna attentively. He seemed extremely surprised. Before leaving the room, he approached one of the clowns and told her quietly, "I did not know that Mrs. Anna could talk. I'm not her main doctor here, but whenever I come, I always see her sad, apathetic and silent”. While the physician was saying this, Mrs. Anna was clapping and singing even louder 'ho ho, do zielonego, oh ho, do zielonego’.

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