Music and Life lessons from Marysia

28.September 2020

Music and Life lessons from Marysia

Often in life, those seemingly ordinary moments hold the most extraordinary meaning. We met Marysia during our clown e-visits and both of us, Boguś Siemanko and Eliza Syropek-Śrubka noticed how exceptional she was. Determined, curious, self-confident, yet tender, this special girl set the tone for our future e-visits. Marysia knew right away that she wanted to be our teacher. She was ambitious enough to want to teach us something new with each online visit.

Her music lessons were always inspiring, filled with the energy and enthusiasm of a child who learned how to be present and to enjoy life. We marvelled at her musical skills and at how she gave a real concert. Marysia sang twice for us and we enjoyed every second. One song was truly remarkable: about an invisible hand walking through the fog under the moonlight. This peaceful ballad was performed with a special background prepared by Marysia herself. We got permission to record a music video, clown Eliza performing a Pom Poms dance to go with the song. Since Marysia noticed that at times the dance was out of rhythm, she had Eliza switch between dancing slowly or quickly or simply being still and listen to the music. Towards the end, something funny happened: clown Eliza got tangled in toilet paper, smashing the cupboard and making us record the music video once again. It all ended well, but we ran out of recording tape… well, actually out of toilet paper…

Marysia loves being our virtual teacher and we, clown Eliza and clown Boguś love seeing her empowered, confident and active. Our online clowning sessions speak volumes about how we can enhance children’s creativity by simply being present and nurturing healthy relationships. And all this is possible even during social distancing, which we are really excited about.

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