Little Leo wears a red nose, a hat and plays the ukulele in his clown costume.

Little Leo's passion for clowning

11.May 2020

Little Leo's passion for clowning

There are moments in life that remind us of the beauty of human emotions that can make a world of difference. When special people enter our lives, we are transformed by their positive impact and we know that we will never be the same again. This is the story of a special encounter between CRVENI NOSOVI clowns and a precious boy called Leo.

Little leo is equipped for clowning as he is posing for a picture in the living room.

It all started several years ago, when little Leo was in hospital. One day, he was bored and sad because his life there was not as exciting as before. He missed his toys, friends and daily routine. Then, something magical happened as Leo saw two clowns for the very first time. They asked his parents for permission to enter their son's room. There they were, ready to make music with their ukulele and show Leo some circus tricks.

Leo immediately interacted with them and was so fascinated by how the clowns joggled the balls and made the colourful scarfs fly before his eyes… The next thing he said was "When I am big I want to be a clown doctor too!" His mother, who heard his words took Leo very seriously and soon bought him his own clown shoes and balls to joggle with.

Leo is dressed in his clown costume and hold his ukulele in a park.

Time passed and Leo enjoyed every single visit of the clowns, he learned new tricks and his passion for clowning grew even more. Even after he left the hospital and did not see his favourite clowns there anymore, Leo continued to develop his skills. He practices daily and still wants to be a healthcare clown when he gets older.

Leo is online performing a small clown show and his baby brother is next to him in the room watching him closely.

The connection with the CRVENI NOSOVI clowns is so strong that they continue to see each other online, as COVID-19 moved many activities to the virtual world. Leo is already a star on Social Media, his mother posting short videos of him dressed like a clown and performing. One of his videos went viral in the Croatian online community. The clowns were touched by Leo's dedication and his ever improving skills and made short videos in response to his to congratulate him. Other children also carefully watch Leo perform online and even his little baby brother witnessed the incredible talent of his hero brother.

Leo, after his online performance thanking his fans for their reaction to his video. Dressed as a clown and holding the ukulele.

This is just one of the many unique stories that clowns write thanks to their dedicated work in children hospitals. Leo is the next generation of people with a passion for online clowning and there is more to come! We wish sweet Leo all the best for his future and we are honoured that he has chosen the profession of healthcare clown for his noble pursuits.

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